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We were born and raised here, and alongside our training as cycling tour guides, we have a deep knowledge of our territory. Not only the history and roads to guide you in discovering the most beautiful itineraries but also the stories and personal connections that will allow you to delve into the aspects that interest you the most. From the tales of great cycling to the culture of food and wine, to visits to iconic places in the area, we can organize an experience that you will never forget.

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Our tours are meticulously curated in every detail. Designed and ridden by us beforehand, they are based on the captivating power of bicycle travel. Together, we will discover some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, exploring their lesser-known roads. We will have experiences full of character and meet fascinating personalities who will share their stories and knowledge with us. To intimately experience all of this, we limit our departures to small groups, allowing us to fully enjoy the experience.


We believe that through its cuisine, a region reveals its most authentic character. That’s why it’s important for us to take you on a journey to discover the food and wine of Romagna, through direct contact with those who preserve this tradition. Any true connection with a territory necessarily involves all five senses. The aromas and flavors you will taste on our tours, featuring carefully selected local establishments, tastings with local winemakers, and intimate cooking lessons, will stay with you as indelible traces.


All the facilities featured in our tours are personally selected by us. Our accommodations are not just the places where you will stay. Often, they are also the homes and estates of friends we have met along the way. That’s why you won’t be mere customers but genuine guests, welcomed with all the care and attention needed to make you feel at home.


Cycling together creates a bond that goes beyond superficial coexistence. The fatigue and shared objectives, the crisis to face together, the exhilarating achievements at the top of a climb, or the moments of conviviality after an effort are the best way to strengthen group ties and consolidate a team.

The true nature of people and relationships reveals itself best when we find ourselves outside our usual context. By facing new challenges and putting ourselves to the test, traditional dynamics are disrupted, and the true qualities of individuals emerge as each person brings their best resources to the table.

Whether you are seeking the opportunity to spend time together in a different context from daily life or an experience that challenges you as a group and helps you find new balance and momentum, we are here to assist you.

By leveraging experts from different fields, we can work together with you to find the most suitable spaces and formula for the team-building experience you envision.

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