Nature wants us back!

Keeping our eyes focused on the present, holding on to what truly makes sense.
I think about that every time I see a sunrise or a sunset: sometimes you need to throw everything into the air to see what truly knows how to fly.
To observe the world, understand the logic of nature.
Beauty and simplicity will save our “sofa lives”.
The wonder of “maybe” will help us find our way back, the renewed desire to see the world at the right pace.
Do not reject beauty. We must tell the stories of how beautiful and harmonious the earth we have inherited is, and what we can do to regenerate it.

To embrace this sacred beauty and celebrate its memory.
We can only save ourselves by renegotiating our boundary with nature; we cannot expect to change the world without changing ourselves.
Let’s return to watching the sun rise, amidst the mist and dew, enjoying the spectacle in silence. When the whole world still seems to be asleep.
Learning to live in simplicity.
Exposing ourselves to the wonder of nature can help us find solutions, find balance between humans and nature.

Learning to live outdoors.
The joy of sharing the journey, going into the woods after the rain just to smell its scent, lying down with closed eyes under an oak tree.
If we appreciate nature, we will be free forever.


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